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relaxation based custom facial  100     
Welcome to a different kind of facial experience,
where clean beauty and heart centered treatments come together to nurture your skin and recharge your spirit

Nature derived products gently cleanse, exfoliate, nourish and hydrate to address your skins immediate needs

cleanse, exfoliation, mask and massage
60minutes of calm

(pick as many as you like - allow extra time)
high frequency 20
red light therapy 20
dermaplane 40
chitossil threads 40 (not with dermaplane)
luxury facial  150          
our custom facial
+ high frequency
+ red light therapy
+ hand & foot treatment
90minutes of calm
nano serum infusion facial  200
our luxury facial
+ nano serum infusion
+ luxury mask
120minutes of calm
dermaplane facial  220
our luxury facial
+ dermaplaning
+ oxygen serum infusion
+ luxury mask
120minutes of calm
wellness room 60
- red light, infrared light, grounding + more
Our wellness room was created to help inspire peace and healing.
Our lives are filled with the daily pressures to "keep up".
But rarely do we make time for ourselves to recharge, heal and recover.
This lack of self care can result in many undesirable side effects:
irritability, fatigue, aches, pains, stress, sadness,
dull, compromised skin and so much more.
-- A sixty minute wellness room session includes:
red light therapy - to help rejuvenate and heal skin
infrared light therapy - to help reduce aches and pain
grounding - to help elevate mood and restore calm
-- We include several cozy, custom add-on's to make this a luxury experience you're sure to love.
Get back on track with this emotional, physical and soulful ritual.
This is YOUR zen time ... a guilt free, stress free, healing, GIFT to YOURSELF - come thrive under our lights !
face waxing
eyebrows 20 - brow tweeze 20
nose 10 - lip 10 - chin 10 - forehead 10
sideburns 10 - cheeks 10 - neck 10 - back of neck 10
bikini waxing
bikini line 35
bikini 50
brazilian 65

calming/soothing mask after your wax 20
body waxing
underarms 20 - nipples 20 - booty 40
belly strip 10 - full belly 40
lower arms 40 - upper arms 40
lower back 40 - full back 80
lower legs 80 - upper legs 80
men's services
relaxation based custom facial  140
cleanse, exfoliation, mask and massage
+ high frequency
+ red light therapy
90minutes of calm

eyebrows 20 - nose 20 - ears 20
underarms 20 - shoulders 20
chest 40 - stomach 40
lower back 40 - full back 80
calsey matelski
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teeth whitening $165
If you are wanting brighter teeth, look no further !
This is safe on enamel, protects gums + causes little to no sensitivity.
2 rounds of 30 minutes + 1 round of 20 minutes.
One session is equal to 50 tubes of whitening toothpaste, 25 dental whitening syringes, and 5 packs of whitening strips.
angel lash full set $155
(UP TO 2.5hrs) aka classic plus. this is the lightest, softest feeling of lashes, but will also give a textured look. perfect for someone who wants a classic and wispy set.
- whiten your teeth while getting your full set for an additional $10.
wispy textured full set $175
(UP TO 3hrs) customizable to each individual and their wants. add more texture or less dependent on your liking. perfect if you are wanting in between of classic and volume.
- whiten your teeth while getting your full set for an additional $10.
volume full set $195
(UP TO 3hrs) customizable to each individual and their wants. volume is a technique where super fine lashes are hand made into a fan and applied to one natural lash.  
this creates a more dense and fluffier set.
- whiten your teeth while getting your full set for an additional $10.
lash fills
fill  | $75+
for those who go 2 weeks and have 50%+ of their lashes remaining
(UP TO 1hr)

extended fill  | $95 +
for those who go 3 weeks and have 40% of their lashes remaining. anything over 4 weeks must be booked as a full set.
(UP TO 1.5hrs) 

squeeze me in fill | +$50
need in asap? text me and i will try to find a spot to fit you in. this is an up charge on your fill price.

colored lashes | $10
glitter lashes | $10
decals | $10
whitening strips | $10
under eye treatment | $10
lash lift + tint  $75
the perfect low maintenance lash service
this perms your lashes leaving them curled + lifted
lasts 4-8 weeks
brow lamination + tint  $75
use what your momma gave ya to enhance the look of your natural brows, making them appear fluffy, full and redirect the hairs into a desired shape
lasts 4-8 weeks
- add brow wax | $15  
brow tint  $30
darken your brow or lash hair for a fuller more defined look

red/infrared light therapy, grounding mat + MORE!
(60 mins)  


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